COVID 19 Policy @ Vibration Festival


With only 3 weeks until we open our doors to you, we almost have to pinch ourselves! It has been nearly 2.5 years since we ran the first Vibration Festival in 2019 and some of you were lucky enough to be there. Those that weren’t, you are definitely in for a treat!

The world we have endured over the last 18 months has been alien to everyone and the devastation that the pandemic has caused to individuals, families, businesses, and countries should never be understated. It is however about time we all had some fun!

When we made the decision on this year’s event last August we felt last year that keeping a September date would be our best chance of putting on another festival to remember. It’s turned out to be the right choice!

Following the government’s announcement on the 2nd of August all the team have kicked into top gear, and we are all go on the delivery front. Further to the restrictions easing on the 9th of August and several constructive meetings with Falkirk Council, we are now in a position where we can outline our festival covid policy. It is an unfortunate reality that like many other virus’, Covid-19 is still very much a part of our lives and we fully support the essential steps that have been undertaken to hugely reduce the impact to the health of the general public. We have contracted some top professionals from the industry to help us deliver this event in the best and safest way we can.

We have outlined guidance below that we feel will make our festival as safe as possible for all attending, allowing us to open the gates and let people in to enjoy live music in a festival environment.

– While we aren’t looking for proof of the result, please get yourself tested (Lateral Flow or PCR) at least 24 hours before attending the festival. These tests are available online from NHS Scotland or from your local Pharmacy. If the results come back positive, please do the right thing, and stay at home.

– If you demonstrate any symptoms before entering or during the festival, please do the right thing and go home. If you are unable to go home, please self-isolate onsite. There will be a medical team that will attend to you if needed, and we will aim to bring you anything you require while you wait to go home.

– We will have multiple hand sanitising stations throughout the festival. Please use them as much as you can or even better bring your own and use both 🙂

– We will have a strict cleaning regime on any key touch points that our team will be sanitising regularly. If one of the team is busy at work all we ask is you have the patience to give them a wee bit space and a couple of minutes to do the job properly, before you get on with enjoying the event.

– Please feel free to wear a mask if you want, although we will not be asking you to wear them within the arena. Some people don’t mind them and some loath them, so it’s your choice. If you feel you want to keep up the practice, we applaud you.

– Although not mandatory for entry, the vaccine is available, so why not get it! We did and if like us you are vaccinated in any way, we applaud your support again in helping to kill off this virus. You’ll be doing your bit to protect yourself and others.

We are fortunate to be one of the very few music festivals which will run in Scotland this summer and we want all of you good people to enjoy every minute of it as much as we will!

Please stay safe and have a blast at Vibration Festival 2021! For those who rolled over tickets, and those that thave supported the event by buying a ticket after we launched the line-up in April, we love every single one of you.

David & Andy Ure

What is our Covid policy?

Currently there are no government guidelines for events running in Sept. However we are anticipating that beyond the 9th August restrictions will ease further giving us the ability to run a relatively unrestricted event, as they have started doing in England from 19th July

Will social distancing be implemented at the festival?

Government guidelines dictate that social distancing is required at 1m and we anticipate that reducing to 0m on 9th Aug when restrictions are removed.

What will the capacity of the festival now be?

We have limited the capacity at 3000 for 2021. This allows everyone a huge amount of space in the arena to spread out. Our arena has a capacity of 6 times that of our capacity.

What about marquee/tent capacity at the festival?

We are planning on there being no large tents/marquees at the festival for musical performances. All of our stages that would have been under tents/marquees will be open air.

What if I test positive and can I still attend? 

If you tested positive you cannot attend the festival. If that was the case, then we would give you an opportunity to book discounted tickets for 2022. In doing so you would hugely support a small independent festival in a period of financial instability.

Will I need to be tested before entering the arena – will I need a vaccine passport?

At present there is no requirement for a vaccine passport to attend events. However, we anticipate a scenario in which if you have not had the vaccine then you may need to be tested before entry. We are looking into the logistical implications of doing this on site. We will update through our usual channels when we know if this will be a necessity in Sept, when guidelines are known.

We would recommend that if you have been vaccinated to keep the documentation that states so safe until the event.

Can my children attend if they’re not vaccinated?

At the moment children are not being vaccinated and we anticipate any guidelines to apply to adults only at this stage. So, yes children should be able to attend without a vaccination.

Will I need to wear a mask? 

The government guidelines should become known very shortly for changes from 9th Aug. We anticipate that masks may still be required in certain areas indoors. Although we are a fully outdoor event we may implement masks as best practise in certain areas within the festival for your safety.

These details will be shared ahead of the event and please feel free to bring a mask with you anyway, if you would feel safer.

What if I develop Covid symptoms at the festival?

Whilst there are currently no guidelines in place for this eventuality, we would anticipate that you would need to take a test on site and if it was positive, return home immediately with no/minimal contact with anyone else.

We have a first aid team on site for the duration of the event. We anticipate they’ll be equipped with COVID tests when necessary.

Will there be hand sanitisers on site?

Yes, there will plenty for staff and attendees to use and these will be replenished throughout the event

What changes does COVID bring to toilet facilities? 

We are anticipating increasing the number of toilets on site and dramatically increasing the frequency of cleaning of these facilities. This will be supported by increased staff numbers.