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Soprano's fans, this is the band that wrote the theme song to one of the greatest TV shows ever made

If you watch television and let’s face it, a fair few of us do. You are more than likely to either have seen all 6 seasons of the Sopranos or at least seen an episode. If you have done either then you will have heard the Albama 3‘s song as the main theme in the opening credits.

Alabama 3 frontman Rob Spragg wrote the song after hearing about a murder case. It was a women who stabbed her husband after two years of abuse, mistreatment and neglect. Quite ironic that it should then go on to be used in a TV series about male gangsters.

Tony Soprano led a somewhat double life in the show, balancing his gangster life with his family life. Now we are not saying everyone in the Alabama 3 is a gangster, far from it. They do however have stage personas and adopt different names

  • Rob Spragg – Larry Love
  • Jake Black – The Very Reverend Dr. D. Wayne Love
  • Orlando Harrison -. The Spirit
  • Mark Sams – Rock Freebase
  • Steve Finnerty – LOVEPIPE
  • Jonny Delafons – L. B. Dope
  • Greg Fleming – Wizard
  • Be Atwell – The Reverend Be Atwell
  • Nick Reynolds – Harpo Strangelove

Make sure you check out Alabama 3’s back catalogue before the festival! You will not be disappointed



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