We all know having a great support network is the best way to get the most out of life.

We are no different, and we are looking to build up a close knit group to support us in telling everyone how great Vibration Festival is going to be, and remind them not to miss out on getting a ticket. In return we will be looking to give all our Voices a reward to say thanks for helping us.

We will cover all our own messages via our social media channels but we would be delighted for everyone else to follow a few simple rules to make sure they can benefit from the rewards equally with all the other Voices of Vibration.

If at any time you have any questions, please post in the Vibration Festival Supporters Facebook Group or Email info@vibrationfestival.com

What I can do?

  • Get sharing the personalised link you are given on signing up to your friends, family and beyond.
  • Use private channels of any sorts to sell tickets to your friends, family or wider network - Facebook groups, group chats, 1-1 conversations, Emailing your friends and contacts, post on your social media stories.
  • Promote Vibration Festival on any personal social media channels and that you are a Voice of Vibration - do not tag the event’s official social channels when posting. This includes @ tags and #tags
  • Speak to your friends and family in person about buying tickets from you.
  • Check how your points are mounting up in the league table as you start to claim rewards
  • Share some of your rewards with friends (if you end up with too many yourself)!

What I can’t do?

  • Do not post or comment on any of the event’s official social media pages attempting to sell tickets. These include - all official Facebook pages, Event pages, Instagram, Twitter
  • Selling on any third party, secondary ticket, ticket resale sites, or public forums will not be tolerated - these include Open Facebook Groups and Events, Craigslist, eBay, Radiate, Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree or similar. If in doubt please check before posting.
  • Do not try to impersonate the event at any time by creating a page or account - there is only one Vibration Festival after all, and to avoid confusion/fraud we need to keep official channels and accounts unique.

Please Note: To make sure everyone has a fair chance to maximise their rewards we will strictly enforce the rules above and remove the account of the offending individual immediately (forfeiting all points awarded to date)

sign up and start earning rewards


  • Share and sell - via individual link
  • Collect Rewards on all Sales - 250 points for adult ticket, 100 for child, 0 for infant, 400 points for adult vip, 150 for child VIP
  • Join Facebook group for Voices of Vibration Festival (closed) - for support, questions and general chat
  • View League table - to track reward points and competition against other Friends of the Festival
  • Convert reward points to Festival tickets/options


  • Adult ticket  - 2000
  • VIP upgrade - 2000
  • Child Ticket - 1200
  • Child VIP upgrade - 1200
  • T-Shirt - 1000
  • £100 Bar tab - 7500 (only 1)


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