Monday Madness

If you've been wondering what it's all about, here it is explained. Awesome stuff given away when you buy a ticket.

So what is Monday Madness, you might have seen a couple of posts recently. Basically it’s our weekly ticket deal, every Monday we’ll post a deal if you buy a ticket, sometimes it’ll be money off our tokens…technically that’s free beer by the way…and other times it could be a prize or a VIP upgrade.

They will be running every week in the lead up to the festival so if you were thinking of buying tickets the further we are away from the festival the better the deal. Ye geddit?

There will also be deals and opportunities for all the awesome people who have already bougth tickets so don’t despair we would NEVER forget about you guys. We love you too much.

Keep an eye on our social media posts every Monday at 10am to catch the latest deal. You’ll usually have 24-48 hours to take the deal up so don’t delay.



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