May…the weather be sunny

Statistically May is one of the driest months in Scotland. Obviously the best month to have a festival!

I think we all know that feeling in May when we have that great blast of taps aff weather. We start to think of all the evening barbeques and sunny weekends the summer is going to bring us. Maybe even plan a wee get away up north before the midges arrive. When Scotland is like that it’s ace to live here. Then June happens and it starts raining and those hopeful thoughts have disappeared.

That’s why we’re having the festival in May, statistically on of the driest months in Scotland.

Average rainy days (rain/snow) in Edinburgh, Scotland

Sunshine in May

It also matches June to the post for the amount of sunshine. Bear in mind that the longest days are in June so there are more hours of Sunshine to be had.

Average monthly sunhours in Edinburgh, Scotland

The Scots are a hardy bunch and always battle through the cold, wet winters. Why don’t we help you though to banish those winter blues completely. Make that dream of a summer festival afternoon a reality by securing your tickets while they are still at Tier 1.




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