Do you believe in Rock ‘n’ Roll?

Do you believe in the hoodoo of the Black Cat Bone?

Since the day that lucky charm was tossed aside by the ghost of Maggie McGill, swallowed by a whisky bottle drowning in salt water and then coughed up on the Leith shoreline, it has been rooted in those muddy waters like a timeless groove, coiled, omnipotent, waiting …

Down down by the water, reflecting on the endless bridge, the hoodoo blues legacy was mutated and perpetuated. Louisiana hot sauce with salivating mouth harp blues, deep drilling bass and drums that hit the vein of your soul and hot, hot guitars weaving incongruous licks like poison ivy round the tree of convention. They will make you thirsty like lizard skin and shake like a rattlesnake’s tail. If you need to satisfy your hunger for good taste and you want the best, then drink deep from this well, my friends. A path will light up before your eyes and will have Black Cat Bone coming for you.

Get down with the dirty sleazy grooves of Edinburgh based Black Cat Bone. For 4 years BCB have been pedalling their own brand of deafening fuzzy hoodoo and are here to convert all you non-believers. BCB have played in all the major venues across the country including King Tuts, O2 ABC Glasgow, Corn Exchange and sellout shows in The Biscuit Factory as-well as some of the ?biggest festivals in Scotland. They have also have recurring appearances on national TV and Radio.

The band released their EP of fresh new tunes ‘Get Your Kicks Sessions’ on 15/12/2017 and are now working on album number two, aswell as promoting their sound, their souls and style up and down the country.




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