Laid back times of Summer

As you may have noticed we announced The Coral as part of our line up and if you hadn’t, The Coral are our 2nd headliners, ya dancer!

We actually can’t wait for their set. When they will be playing just as the sun* will be setting behind the stage and their dreamy summer feeling tunes will be filling the festival. It’s going to be amazing!

It’ll be the sort of moment that you and your mates will be swaying from side to side with smiles on your faces. Then Dreamin’ of You will come on and you’ll all start dancing. Whether you do it like these two below is completely up to you though.

We hope it will be part of the festival that you will remember in the months and years to come.

*It’s Scotland there is absolutely no guarantee that the sun will be making an appearance at Vibration Festival BUT historically speaking, May has been a pretty good month for us. We’re hoping for it to be a scorcher!



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