It’s 2019 and we’re totally BUZZIN’

We've made our New Years Resolution to make Vibration Festival AWESOME!

Happy New Year to all our festival fans!

Of course we are excited for 2019, it’s the year that Vibration Festival is happening. It’s not a very exciting number but it’s 137 days till the gates open. We’ve got lots to be getting on with making sure that you have the best day possible.

In the upcoming week we’ll be opening our band submission form. There are 2 slots available for bands, so get your best video/playlist/track sorted and be ready to submit when we announce.

You really can’t beat a wee bit of money saving in January. Tier One tickets are still available at moment. If you missed the early birds then this will be your last chance to get a ticket at a discounted price. Probably best not to hang around. Put that ‘I’m going to get things done’ New Years Resolution to good use and buy them now before they sell out.




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