Feeder & Gran Turismo Memories

We couldn't be more delighted to announce Feeder as the headline act for Vibration Festival

As you will have probably seen we have just announced Feeder as our headliner act for the festival. We couldn’t be more delighted as Feeder were THE soundtrack to the innocent days of playing Gran Turismo 3 on the Playstation 2.

Not one, not two but THREE Feeder songs were featured on that soundtrack. Buck Rogers and Seven Days in the Sun from their break-through album Echo Park. Just a Day was originally a B side to the Seven Days in the Sun Single.

Just a Day was eventually released as a full single in 2001. The video has become somewhat iconic, featuring fans in their bedrooms lip-synching to the song. This was before camera phones (there used to be a time). People actually had to get their parents (probably), camcorder and record themselves dancing, dramatically singing, drumming and generally jumping about the place. Times were tough back then for the dedicated fans.

Feeder have gone on to release 6 other albums and tour the world to sell out audiences. However, for most people of a certain age there will always be the memory of the band playing while they raced around the Laguna Seca Raceway in their Aston Martin Vanquish on the Playstation 2.



Gran Turismo 3 - Feeder Feeder

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