Fancy Some Free Stuff?

Become a Voice of Vibration and collect points as you sell tickets!

You know how you say you never get something for nothing……well that’s still true in this case, but it’s a total breeze to get that something. Become a Voice of Vibration and collect reward points as you sell tickets!

No, not actual physical tickets. We are not asking you to walk round the streets selling tickets like you would for the local charity disco. It’s a really simple process to be a Voice of Vibration, get your special link to your own unique ticket page, that you’ll send out to friends and family. If they want to go they should buy their tickets through your link, then you’ll get the reward points. If you collect enough points you’ll get a free ticket to the festival. Don’t worry if you don’t quite reach the free ticket target there are other rewards that are still pretty cool as you can see below.

For every type of ticket sold you collect:

Adult Ticket – 250 points
Child Ticket – 100 points
Adult VIP – 400 points
Child VIP – 150 points

Rewards – you can redeem your points on the following items:

Adult Ticket – 2000 points
VIP Upgrade – 2000 points
Child Ticket – 1200 points
Child VIP upgrade – 1200 points

T-shirt – 1000 points

Bar Tab of £100 – 7500 points (you can redeem only one of these)


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