100 Days to go!

100 days till Vibration Festival! Not long to go till the best day in May

100 days till Vibration Festival! Lots going on – Valentines Competition has just ended, we’re deciding on who to add to the line up from the band submissions, picking vendors and traders so that you guys get the tastiest food and great stalls and there’s all the technical stuff you don’t really want to know about.

We started to wondered what will and could happen in the next 100 days

  • The International Space Station will have orbited the earth 1577 times, that’s a lot of sunrises and sunsets for the crew
  • Your hair should grow by about 3 inches or if you’re a bloke, you’re beard should look pretty awesome after 100 days
  • You’re heart will beat approximately 10,368,000 times, maybe a little more as you get proper excited for Vibration Festival
  • Step count fanatics who reach their 10,000 steps everyday will have taken over 1,000,000 steps
  • You could listen to The Best of Feeder a 3 CD best of album 800 times (thought it would have been more tbh)

So however you spend the next 100 days we hope that that at the end you’ll be coming to the festival to have an amazing time



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